Vendor Review - Phillip Adams AO

(The White House Sale: award-winning + multi-award nominated + street record house sale)

"I hate the real estate business. Whether buying or selling it’s like swimming with sharks or piranha. Except if you hire Louisa.  With a long lifetime in marketing I was deeply impressed with her marketing skills – particularly with the way she employed the new technologies I don’t understand. I’ve rarely met anyone as charming, imaginative, innovative, hard working and ethical. Louisa gets my highest award…the Koala Stamp."


Vendor Review - Dr Patrice Newell

(The White House Sale: award-winning + multi-award nominated + street record house sale)

"Selling a beloved home is a challenging profoundly emotional experience. You're dealing with so many memories as well as real estate. And it’s an obvious truth that real estate is a largely male profession. Then I met Louisa whose empathy more than matched her extraordinary skills. It’s a rare opportunity when one woman can recommend another in this business. I do so wholeheartedly."

Vendor Review - Clare Llewelyn
"From the very first meeting Louisa was enthusiastic, professional and totally committed to achieving the best possible outcome for selling my property. I could not have asked for a harder working and charming agent. It was always a pleasure to work with Louisa. Louisa negotiated an offer within 48 hours which culminated in a very successful sale. It was an outstanding effort and I have no hesitation in recommending Louisa - an exceptional agent."

Vendor Review - Jesse Mills
"Louisa was a fantastic agent - she sold my 2 bed apartment in 4 weeks in a slow market. She was dedicated and innovative. Louisa made sure that I knew what was happening at every step of the selling journey. I would definitely recommended Louisa and Langulin to friends."

Vendor Review - Phil & Kathleen
"Thank you for helping us sell our townhouse quickly. You had great ideas, clarity, great empathy & sensitivity. With warm regards Phil & Kathleen"

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Buyer Review - K & D (private)

(The White House Sale: award-winning + multi-award nominated + street record house sale)

"Louisa is a rare professional in the real estate industry today.  She prides herself on her service, tailor made solutions and professionalism.  Whether vendor or buyer, Louisa treats everyone and every property with the respect they deserve.  If you want results without being reduced to a number and having your home treated as a furniture showroom I can highly recommend Louisa and Langulin."

Buyer Review - M & C (private)

(Award-nominated & street record house sale)

We were looking for a suitable family home in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs for many months, without much success. We were at the point of despair from a long search for the right house, when we met Louisa Jackson from Langulin. Louisa was like a breath of fresh air and showed us the house that met our specifications, and the house we fell in love with. She is the consummate professional and her knowledge of the house, and area, was unsurpassed. She is enthusiastic, genuine, and understanding of both the vendor and purchaser’s needs. She was a delight to deal with and we cannot recommend Louisa highly enough. 

Buyer Review - The Doumanis Family
"We met Louisa whilst viewing one of her properties. Was most impressed by Louisa's refreshing and professional approach to selling properties. She took time to understand our needs and presented the seller's house in the best way possible. Louisa does not just sell bricks and mortar. She understands and sells lifestyle. Her perseverance and approach meets the highest standards both from a buyer's as well as a seller's perspective. Whilst we did not buy the property, we would not think twice about engaging Louisa in future."

Buyer Review - Martin Green
"I had the pleasure of meeting Louisa when I was looking for my principal place of residence. During this time, I found Louisa to be a"cut above" other agents due to her local knowledge; organised and passionate attention to detail; tenacity and work ethic; as well as her natural inclination to towards marketing and being able to bring the best attributes of a property to the attention of buyers, positioning them in a unique and differentiated way to other comparable properties. I highly recommend Louisa."

Buyer Review - Christian Nicks
"I have worked with Louisa for several months as I have searched to purchase a home.  I have found her to be outstanding.  She is an excellent communicator, and has taken the time to understand what I am looking for and what works for me.  She has been respectful of my time and my privacy and has contacted me only when she has found something that she knows fits my criteria.  She has shown me some very unique and special properties. In all my interactions with Louisa, I have found her to be highly professional, discreet and trustworthy.  My experiences with real estate agents in the past have been less than stellar and finding Louisa has been absolutely refreshing."


Architect Photographer, Kat Lu
"Working with Louisa on the White House project was one of the smoothest and most collaborative experiences I've ever been involved in. She got together some great talent (including herself!) in order to create a campaign that was interesting and respectful to the property and at the same time, have a point of difference. Capturing the essence of a house is always a difficult task and Louisa could not have done a better job."

Architect & Founder of LAVA, Adjunct Professor at UTSChris Bosse
"Louisa is doing an amazing job, promoting architectural masterpieces for what they are: architectural masterpieces, and not just real estate. Her innovative approach to presentation and marketing is unprecedented in Australia. Louisa's bubbly personality along with her professionalism make it a joy to work with her."

Owner & Film Director of Lights Camera Business - Reuben Field 
"Langulin is the most creative property agency you're likely to meet in Sydney (or anywhere else for that matter)."

CEO Ralph&Russo, Michael Russo
"Ralph & Russo's elite clientele, entrusts us with their privacy and ability to maintain confidentiality. Having worked in the music industry with top performers and their management, Louisa understands this type of client. This, coupled with her passion for renovation and interior design, meant she was the first person we turned to when opening our Ralph & Russo Paris Atelier. She is meticulous, a true creative entrepreneur and simply one of those people with vast experience in many sectors. Her lateral and agile thinking with a gut instinct for trends, resulted in several music industry world firsts. I’ve worked with Louisa since 1999 - she is of the most innovative people I know, and also one of the most genuine."

Commercial Director at Universal Music Group, Samuel Arvidsson
"Louisa is driven to say the least. What strikes me as her biggest asset is the desire to get things done, to pick up the phone and call, or or to meet that extra person to accomplish what she and her client set out to do in the first place. A lot of people claim to have this virtue of persistence, but very few actually does. A common performance review metric usually asks the manager to gauge the employees “Entrepreneurial mindset”, where she would, according to me, get the highest mark."

Music Expo CEO, Twitter - Loic Maestracci
"I had the pleasure to work with Louisa while I was heading marketing and content licensing for Groove Mobile. Without a doubt, Louisa is one of the sharpest persons I worked with.  She has a unique understanding of music and video programming and marketing. She is proactive, innovative and is great at bringing together multiple teams. She has a very positive attitude and knows how to motivate colleagues and partners follow her lead. Throughout our collaboration, Louisa impressed me by working tirelessly to bring solutions and opportunities that worked for us as partners. I would highly recommend her for any position. as she naturally rises to the occasion when presented with something is passionate about."


Real Estate Principal, JW Medical Centers  - Dennis H Warner
"Langulin is at the cutting edge of Real Estate change marketing, some might say you are disruptive to the old world of property marketing as we used to know. No longer do the old methods of property marketing cut it and you have demonstrated this in your marketing of the famous White House in Paddington Sydney, for all to realise Louisa you are leading the change in property marketing revolution."

Google, YouTube Content Solutions Lead, Nth Europe - Ben Speas
"I joined Louisa's Team at VidZone during a transitional period where the company was making major headway into the mobile music and distribution business. Louisa's approach to this fast growing business was structured, detailed and relentless, putting VidZone head and shoulders above the competition in the independent music space. Using her qualitative approach to marketing we were able to provide a quality service to hundreds of record labels and tens of digital music services, generating incremental revenue across the board and doing so in a way that ensured all parties got the maximum benefit. Regardless of the product or platform, Louisa will find a way to add significant value."

Deloitte Digital, Manager | User Experience Architect - Lorrae Strahorn
"Louisa is definitely an ideas person, but she has the knowledge and drive to see her ideas come to fruition. She's extremely adaptable and able to work through problems to find the best possible solution for all involved. On a personal level, I really enjoyed working with Louisa. As a manager, I respected Louisa immensely. She has a wonderful talent of being able to balance company interests with those of employees. She always made her employees feel valued and that they were making a real contribution. Her enthusiasm and commitment to her work is admirable."

VidZone, Agile Product Owner & Head of ProductionBen Creasey
"Louisa gets the job done. When others think a task is impossible, she will find a way to make it happen. The ability to work under pressure and to the most of aggressive of deadlines makes her an asset to any fast moving, forward thinking company. While working for her at VidZone, she enabled me to strive in whatever project I was involved in, as she made sure the doors that I needed open were open, so I could do my job to the very highest level."