By Appointment Only Realty



By Appointment Only Realty


// Residential Sales. Property Marketing. Projects. Commercial. Retail. 
// NSW & QLD. Member of the REINSW & REIQ.
// Award-Winning Agency.

Founded by Louisa Jackson, Langulin is licensed across the New South Wales and Queensland, bringing over 15 years of experience at the forefront of sales, global technology innovation and digital distribution across across advertising, marketing and content production. 

The theory of the long tail, is that our culture and economy is increasingly trending away from a focus on mainstream products and markets - the head of the demand curve. We are instead moving towards a huge number of niches in the tail. Langulin sells less of more - specific properties, so we can deliver more service and the best possible outcome to the property owner and buyer. 

Langulin can uniquely offer bespoke and discreet solutions for our property vendors, where the focus is on the property and not the agents or our agency. We believe strategic digital campaigns, deliver a professional and transparent service to everyone involved in a property transaction.

  • Langulin is global thinking
  • Langulin offers our clients a discreet service
  • Langulin is an award-winning property marketing and sales realty firm
  • Langulin presents unique and distinctive properties to the market (advertised / off-market)
  • Langulin markets and sells residential projects and developer properties
  • Langulin is a Member of Real Institute of NSW (REINSW) and QLD (REIQ) 

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